Hello people of the world! For the past 5 months, ever since the YouTube stream went down, Lumi and I have been talking about what to do with the radio and how it will proceed. Pretty much from the get-go, we knew that a return to YouTube was going to be unlikely and that the radio had to change. Back then, I took it upon myself and had a working proof of concept ready within a day for a radio stream over Icecast (an audio stream server) and got working.

Fast forward to today, where I can proudly announce that lumiRadio is real! I have worked long hours on this because I love the radio for the entertainment and the family it gave me and now I think it’s ready to release this to the public!

So what has changed?

  • The radio is now audio-only! This means there is no YouTube stream anymore, although there is still a chat!
  • Byers is dead. Long live Byers. The old radio bot was not compatible with the radio in this form, so @Byers#0908 will take its’ place. Check the pinned comments for commands!
    • Also, the bot is using slash commands, except for fan favourite commands like !addcan.
  • Cans have been migrated from the old bot and Becbot over to the new bot as well!

How do I listen to the radio?

This depends on your device:

Windows/Mac/Linux: Download the VLC Media Player (or your favourite m3u-capable media player) and enter the stream URL and press Play! That’s all!
Android/iOS: Download TuneIn, go into your Library and press “Custom URL” and enter the stream URL. That’s it!

You can also just open the stream link in your browser and that will work mostly!

So what now?

I am still working on the bot, ironing out bugs and taking suggestions for making it better. If you spot a bug or want to suggest something, please report/suggest over at the GitHub page or (if you’ve joined the Discord) over here!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask away!

I hope you will enjoy the radio just as much as I do and I thank you for your patience! ❤️